Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Control Your World Today

 You’re highly motivated to change, but you still can’t seem to stop behaving in ways you hate. You have excellent problem-solving skills, yet you can’t solve the personal ones that plague you the most. You know that if you do your job well, you’ll probably get a raise and/or a promotion, yet you go ahead and sabotage it. You know that if you’re considerate of people you’ll be well liked, yet you can’t stop being rude. You know that if you’re careful about saving and investing your money you’ll probably enjoy a prosperous retirement, yet you spend carelessly. Why can’t you figure out how to change your behavior and so change your life? Why, if what you’re doing is making you unhappy, can’t you stop doing it? When we have problems that we can’t seem to solve, many of us start thinking that we’re lazy, inexperienced, or maybe even unintelligent. We do this because it’s too scary for us to conclude the alternative. What is the alternative? That it may not be possible for us to be in control of our lives. If it were so easy to be in control, wouldn’t we all just do it? Make the change, stop the pain, live happily? Free Choice: Do You Really Have It? This question of whether or not you actually possess free will has been a hot topic for a long, long time. From theologians to philosophers to the parents of teenagers, the question has been discussed and debated ad infinitude. Why? Because free choice and compulsive self-defeating behavior coexist in all of us. Who Is Fighting for Control of Your Soul? It’s not only God and the Devil who may be fighting for control of your soul—you’re right in there too. When you can’t believe that you’re behaving just like your parent did—even though you promised yourself that you’d be different when you were a parent yourself—you are entering the fray. People usually assume that they can control their lives because much of the time, by following good advice, by applying rational strategies, or by appreciating the lessons from past experience, they do in fact succeed. Yet, at the same time, many of us also recognize that our free will is limited. We recognize this most often when we come face-to-face with an example of our self-defeating behavior and we know that this behavior hasn't budged even though we've done our best to overcome it. Which leads me to ask . . . Willpower and Self-Interest: Enough to Make You Change? When a magazine presents you with “Five Easy Steps to Losing Weight,” when an audio series offers “Four Tapes to Investment Success,” and a TV personality does back-to-back shows on “The Ins & Outs of Good Parenting,” you know that if you actually had control over life, achieving these goals and improving your life would be as simple as buying a subscription, purchasing some tapes, or turning on the TV. Nice and easy, right? Don’t we wish. But what happens when we do all of the above and we wind up failing anyway? What are we left to believe about ourselves? “I’m lazy.” “I’m stupid.” “I’m a screw up.” But here’s something to think about. Were you “lazy” when you were looking for a date on a computer dating service and you went through hundreds of potential matches? Is that what a “lazy” person does? Were you a screw up when you wanted a job and went out and made sure you got the right training to do it well? Is that what a “screw up” does? And when it came to learning how to use your new computer and you managed just fine, was that being “stupid”? So actually, those reasons won’t work with you across the board, will they? Then what will? Because it is getting pretty frustrating not being able to use your intelligence, your energy, your determination to succeed in all areas of your life. The solution exists and it lies in our hidden self-destructive motivations. If you could understand the nature of your hidden negative motivations, you could use that information to change. What if you had an illness, but you didn't know it was caused by a specific germ? Your suffering could be long and needless because you might not know which of the available antibiotics was the right one to take. Or, let’s say you wanted to make yourself more attractive but you lived in a world without mirrors. It would be difficult for you to know what to do. Did you need to improve you hair, your complexion, or your teeth or your skin? These examples show us the important concept: to solve any problem and change your life . . . look for the underlying causes. People want to be successful and happy in life. Period. So if you find yourself behaving in ways that you hate, getting bad reactions from people around you, and having little success using willpower and advice to change those actions, wouldn't it seem that something beyond your control is dictating your actions? You’re like a well-made ship piloted by a captain who forgot to bring the navigation charts on the voyage. All of the captain’s successes in other areas of his life won’t help him on this particular voyage. So in the next article, “The Major Behaviors We Hate” let’s roll out our own ship’s charts and see how to navigate the choppy seas of our lives.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Is Culinary School for You?

Many people are aware that a person who has studied in a culinary school can be called an expert in the field of meal preparation. But how easy is it to enter a culinary school, especially for those aspiring to become the best cooks in their fields?

A culinary school offers several programs and disciplines so before applying, you should have already decided on the specialty or the area that you are interested to focus on.

Future cooks can choose from a two-year associate degree program,  a bachelor’s degree program or from a variety of certificate or diploma programs.

A person who wants to be educated in the area of culinary arts but who cannot decide on a specialty can opt for an associate degree program since it involves the basics of culinary arts like proper nutrition, food presentation, kitchen procedures and the basic knife skills. Most schools offering an associate degree programs in culinary arts require their students to do undergo an internship program before they are allowed to graduate. A culinary arts associate degree holder can find work in hotels and restaurants and in private catering companies particularly in the areas of food production and management of the kitchen. The associate degree course can be credited when the person with an associate degree decides to pursue a four-year course.

Interested students can also choose an associate degree in restaurant and hospitality management where they will have hands-on training on the industry’s business aspects, pastry and baking or professional catering where they will learn the intricacies of food preparation and the business aspects of establishing their own catering businesses.

The Bachelor’s degree program focuses more on providing management skills as well as culinary arts courses to the students. Some institutions require students who take up the Bachelor’s degree to also take up business management to prepare them for managerial positions in the industry. Among the programs offered under the Bachelor’s degree include management programs for food and beverage, pastry and baking, culinary as well as for hospitality establishments.

Those who want to take up short term courses can choose from the certificate and diploma programs in the areas of pastry and baking, cooking, managing a restaurant and culinary arts. These programs can be easily completed in several weeks and is ideal for those who are already gainfully employed but who lack formal training.

If you enjoy cooking and other people also enjoy what you cook for them, then you may just have the potential of becoming a good cook or baker or perhaps, the owner of a restaurant someday. Learn the basics of culinary arts and restaurant management by enrolling in culinary schools. Who knows, this may be the beginning of a good business venture or a lifelong hobby.

Friday, June 21, 2013

5 Tips To Increase Sales

  1. USE THE PHONE –Absolutely the cheapest, most effective, and efficient way to find customers is by phone. Yes, “cold-calling”.  Write out a script for this before you call, so you don’t sound vague.  Introduce yourself, your company, the purpose of the call, and give a brief “benefit” of your product/service to the client. ”What will you do for his/her business?”  Be brief, to the point, and have 10 possible objections you might get, answered in your script. This way you’re prepared for the customary “brush-off.”  Always try to get a firm commitment to a meeting.  This call is not to “sell” the client, it’s to get a face-to-face meeting to establish credibility – and then to sell him/her. Would you buy from a voice on the phone? No.  You want to see the vendor and listen to his offer.

  1. SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOP – You should always be looking for new customer, and I’ve found that giving seminars, teaching, guest speaking at trade shows and organizations, or writing an article for your trade magazine or business journal establishes you as an “expert” in your field.  People like to buy from experts because it reduces their fear of making a bad decision.  Everyone can overcome their fear of public speaking, so find the method that works best for you and do it.  As a desperate step, join a Toastmaster’s group near you or take a night course at a nearby Adult School.

  1. ASK QUESTIONS – Most salespeople think that the first meeting with the prospect is the only chance to make a sale.  WRONG!  Before you go into your “pitch” ask questions, take notes, what are your prospects goals, challenges, etc.  Helping a prospect solve a business problem creates a “win-win” relationship and closes more sales than you think.

  1. AVOID “PRODUCT DUMPING” – Telling your prospect all about your product/service before you know their needs is a mistake made by 95% of salespeople.  This is an inefficient selling method and upon reflection, your client will lose faith in you.  I've met with clients on several occasions and left them with some advice and good feelings, but no sale and that’s alright.  Because in the future I’m apt to get “word of mouth” referrals from them, which will outweigh what I might have made if I’d simply “sold” them a service that wasn't an answer to their problem. Remember – nothing adds more to your credibility than a referral from a satisfied prospect.

  1. KNOW YOUR NUMBERS – Selling is a numbers game, and you need to learn your “selling ratios.” How many prospecting calls do you need to get a meeting, and how many meetings to get a sale.  This allows you to manage your cash flow by forecasting your sales. It also tells you how many calls are needed to increase your sales revenue.

Start Catering as a Successful Business

You may begin your own catering service business, which can be financially rewarding and enjoyable. You may do this business in a full or part time basis because events that you may cater may vary from the service they will get from you. In this kind of business, opportunities are very great and there are a lot more benefits that you may not expect.

Every catered occasion can be a new experience to meet different kinds of people from all lifestyles. It is important that you have the stamina and the ability to work under pressure because of the demanding work that awaits you. You may need the help of some friends first before you may hire employees who are experienced in this kind of field.

It is a requirement for a catering business to have a license to operate like those permits that are issued to food establishments that have also catering services as well. Catering services are inspected by the Board of Health to see if they have the right materials and the capacity to prepare and handle food that is safe to the public.

You may get your license at the local Health Department. You have to apply first before you obtain the permit to operate a business catering service. An inspection will be needed to check if you will pass the food sanitation requirements. After you have acquired your license, there will be regular check-up routines to ensure that you will sustain cleanliness and sanitation of your catering service.

There are states that require a catering service must have a separate area for the food operation and the kitchen facility of the house. This is important because they will not issue a license if you have a set up wherein they may see food sanitation is not your priority. If you want to remodel the set up, you must pass the plans and remodeled features to the Health Department for confirmation that you are following the required construction to your home facilities and to your food operation area.

It is important to target your market in this business if you are given the permit to operate already. Know your competition and be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. If you are stable with your finances, you may hire applicants that are experienced in this kind of business.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Making Financial Decisions for Your Business

The people, who make decisions in accounting, make it based on three categories.  First, people who manage a business, second, the external people of a business who have a direct financial interest to a business, and third the people and organizations that have an indirect effect on a business.  This applies to non profit organizations as well.  Management refers to the group of people who are in charge for operating a business and for measuring up to the profitability and liquidity goals.  If a business is extremely large, then the management will most often require more than one person, and the people are hired to perform their job.  Managers need to answer important questions such as what was the company’s net income, and if they have a substantial rate of return. Does the company have enough assets, and which products bring in the most money?  When making a decision, managers usually follow a systematic approach. Even though larger businesses require a more concrete analysis, they follow a similar pattern to small businesses.

Financing a business:  Financing for a company is critical, because they need that money to continue their operations.  Here is a nice website to find out more information about financing a business.
Investing in a business:    Companies invest in their current assets so that it will make money for them in the future. 
Producing goods or services: Operations and production management is responsible for developing and producing goods and services that the company can sell.
Marketing: Learning marketing and advertising skills so that they can distribute goods and services more efficiently.
Managing workers:  Human resource management requires the hiring of qualified employees, and also paying them.
Providing information:  The information management retrieves data about the company such as how much they made in the last month, and organize the information in a way so that it can be used. It also releases information to managers, and to important people outside the business.

Another group of individuals that needs knowledge in accounting is those you have a direct interest in the business, go figures.  They use the information to analyze how a business is performing.  Most businesses generally publish their financial report which shows how well they meet their profitability and liquidity goals. These statements display how well a company did in the past and probably most important, how well they will do in the future.  However, many people outside the business also study the financial reports.  They are the investors and the creditors.  The investors are the individuals that invest in a business and will keep a part of the ownership. They are concerned with their past success and failures, and also will like to know the potential earnings. A concrete analysis of the financial statement will help prospective investors base their decisions.  Once they finish investing they must continue to study a business financial statement.  Next, the creditors are the companies that lease money to businesses for short or long term needs.  Creditors are the people that deliver money or provide services for companies in advanced before getting paid.  Their main concern is whether a business will have the money to repay the money with interest in an approximate time. Some of the things they study before they make their decisions are a company’s liquidity, cash flow, and profitability. Some examples of creditors are banks, mortgage companies, and insurance companies.  Over the years the shift of people who used accounting information has varied drastically. Now, it is heavily used by governmental agencies, and in matter of fact taxes is the main source of income for government. According to the rules and regulations of federal, state, or even local laws, individuals and companies are required to pay a variety of taxes. These include but are not limited to, sales tax, excise tax, social security tax, federal, state, payroll, and city income taxes.  Each tax requires there own rules and regulations which can be very confusing at times.  Reporting your taxes is a law and a very meticulous and tedious process.  For example, The Internal Revenue Code contains over a thousand rules for delivering accounting information in federal income taxes.  Also, most companies generally have to report to one or more regulating agencies in the United States All corporations must answer to the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC(To find out more information visit there website at This is set up by the government to insure and protect the public by regulating the buying and selling of stocks.  Companies that are listed on the Stock exchange must adhere to the rules and regulations.  Some other groups such as labor unions analyze the financial statements of corporations to help negotiate a contact.  The income of a company plays a major role in forming these contracts. The individuals who give advice to investors and creditors such as brokers and financial analysts have an indirect financial interest in a business.  The amount of inertest in the financial health of corporations has been growing by consumer groups such as customers and the public.  They are also concerned about how the corporation will affect the social patterns of the environment and of the people that reside in that area.  The President’s Council of Economic Advisers and the Federal Reserve Board use accounting information to set economic policies and programs.  It’s interesting to note that about thirty percent of the businesses in the United States consist of non profit organizations.  Some examples of non profit organizations (NPO) include hospitals, and universities. Some well known non profit organizations include Red Cross, YMCA, Better Business Bureau, and WWF(World Wildlife fund, was formerly in a lawsuit and won against WWE World Wrestling Entertainment, which was originally known as World Wrestling Federation). You may think that the managers of these organizations don’t need to know their accounting skills but they do.  They still have a budget and needs to raise money just like any other business.  They raise money by collecting it from creditors, donors, and even investors. They also need to have a nice plan and to pay creditors back in an efficient manner, and they also have to follow the tax rules.  So even though businesses and non profit organizations have different agendas they both generally follow the same basic rules. 
Accounting is a systematic information system that measures, process, and communicate information, I particular financial.  When an accountant is making a measurement they must answer four simple questions.  First, what is being measured, second when should a measurement be made, third how much money should be placed on what is being measured, and last how the measurement should be classified.  These four questions deal with the basic rules of accounting, and the answers help establish what accounting is and what it is not.  Accountants in different fields challenge these questions every day, and therefore the answers are changing often so that’s why it’s a good idea to keep to date with some of the trends. The first question deals with what is measured. Consider a machine that makes clothes.  How many different measurements of this machine can you make? Well, you can measure how much it costs, how many t shirts it can produce, and how quickly it can produce the t shirts.  Some of these measurements are extremely important to accounting and some of them are irrelevant.  Financial accounting will use money to see how business transactions affect other businesses and corporations.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10 Self-Empowerment Tips

A socially-empowered person achieves so much greatness, basically because of the people that catapult them to success. They earn the trust and all-out support of the people, whom he had helped before. They never run out of help. They can do anything with the plethora of people behind him. All because they knows they maximize their social potential!

See, if you know your social skills and you make use of them, you will reach self-empowerment. Self-empowerment is making a general overhaul in your life and turning yourself into a happier and more successful person.If you can be one of those people-persons, then I can't see any reason why you will not succeed. You just have to know how to start.

1. Be genuine.

Hypocrisy will just bring you all the way down. Be genuinely nice and interested to people. Once they perceive that you are Mr. Hypocrite with selfish intentions, you might as well say goodbye to self-empowerment.

2. Be the greatest listener that you can be.

To earn the love and trust of the people, listen to their problems and sympathize with them. Do not just hear them out, listen to them with your heart. Make eye contact when the person talks to you. Listen as if every word matters, and it does. Brownie points when they find out that there is a confidante in you.

3. Laugh out loud.

I do not mean that you force yourself to laugh for every joke cracked by someone, albeit you do not find it funny at all.This means finding humor in things and not being too darn serious. A person oozing with an awesome sense of humor attracts crowds and eventually, attracts success.

4. Don't forget yourself.

In the process of fluttering around like a social butterfly, you might forget yourself, allowing everyone to push you over. Remember, love and value yourself before anyone else. If you deem yourself respectable and worthy of affection, people will flock to you and not trample on you.

5. Do random acts of kindness.

You don't have to do a John Rockefeller and blow your savings to charity. Little acts of kindness matters the most, and this can be as simple as giving someone a surprise you-take-care card or helping an elderly cross the street. When we were kindergarten students, kindness was taught to us and greatly practiced. Now is the time to revive the good deeds and this time, let them stay for good.

6. Contact your old friends.

Sad how some friendships are destined to goodbye, but thanks to technology, you can do something about it. Relive the good old days by flipping your yearbook and look for the great people whom you want to communicate with again. Adding these old friends to your roster of support peers will surely make you feel good all over.

7. Develop your personality.

Are you grouchy, grumpy and generally morose? Whoa, you can't go through life with those. Get rid of the bad traits and habits that perpetually hamper your growth. And really, who wants a grouchy friend anyway?

8. Be confident.

Be able to stride to the other corner of the room and introduce yourself to people with that winning smile of yours. Just remember: be confident, not arrogant.

9. Practice control.

When angry, don't snap at anyone. Never throw a tantrum. Stay calm and collected. Be adult enough to take control of situation and transform your anger into something more productive and passive. As soon as people think your anger goes to volcanic proportions easily, they will find it hard to come to you.

10. Keep nurturing your relationships.

Your relationship with your family, friends and significant others is too precious that you must not neglect it whatever happens. Go out and have fun with them. Do things together. Happiness will never fly from your side as long as the people who matter the most are close to you.

In the end, using people for self-empowerment means becoming a better and more lovable person. It's a win-win situation: the people know they can turn to you anytime and vice versa.